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"Night" (For All/Unisex Fragrance)"

"Bare" (For Women)

"Bare" (For Men)


The Eclectic Songstress

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LeShea Wright

The Refined Songbird

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Fierce Bad Rabbit

The Alternative Muse

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Jim Yanez

The Soulful Composer

Inspired by Artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire; Brothers Johnson; The Gap Band; BT; Hans Zimmer; Brian Culbertson; Sade; Donnie Hathaway; Prince; Marvin Gaye; Maxwell; Santana; and many more - Jim Yanez undoubtedly takes cues from the R&b, Jazz, and Soul genres. Jim has written everything from sultry slow songs to bass line driven funk tracks.


Jim is currently in the process of crossing over into the film and video game industry, composing music for motion pictures as well as other visual media. He currently lives in Sacramento, CA.


Visit his music portfolio and Official band page. Email: yanezjim80@gmail.com.


Fellow Rebel

The Explosive Genre Leapsters

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The Paramount Crooner

Gavyn was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas and grew up singing in church, eventually going on to sing in groups and choirs as lead vocalist. Gavyn has won national competitions and worked with some of the top producer’s in the industry from the likes of Babyface, Rodney Jerkins, David Foster, Tank, Vincent Herbert, 50 Cent, Scott Storche, J Moss, NeYo, Sean Garrett, the Underdogs and Big Boi from Outkast to name a few.


Producers claim that Gavyn has one of the strongest live voices in the industry. Taking inspiration from music greats such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Jodeci, Sam Cooke and R. Kelly, have molded Gavyn into becoming a well rounded artist. Connect with Gavyn on LinkedIn.


The Lyrical Thought Provocateur

In an ever-changing world of Hip Hop, Reach is as compelling and as atypical an emcee as you'll find. Being an elder statesman in a genre that’s constantly evolving can be difficult, but Reach is steeped in the timeless traditions of the culture’s golden era.


Reach -born Stacy D. Smith- hails from Kansas City, Mo. Reach began writing and reciting rhymes just five short years after being introduced to the artform in 1986. Reach has released four album projects to date: Joys, Disappointments, and the In-Between (2004), Corner Speech (2008), The Pen Pusha Mixtape (2011), and Live at recordBar (2013).


Find him on facebook , twitter, or YouTube.


The Ennobled Musical Urbanite

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& Drag



Each of our pieces starts with a cue of inspiration from a classic period in art or culture. We then draw upon that awareness until we reach our finishing details. In this way, each piece begins classic and is modernized into a timeless elegance.


for Perfection

Each of our fragrance features are well-conceived and individually made, leaving the L E Cook Fragrance imprint behind. Each piece is unique and timeless serving as a fragrant representation of beauty bottled.


Oil Essences

For us quality starts in the details. Each piece is crafted using an array of the highest quality of oil essences from France.

"Share the Night" Launch Party

at the Firefly Lounge, Kansas City, MO

Happy launch day "Night" fragrance!

L E Cook Fragrances invited others to "Share the Night" and celebrated through hosting a networking event with live music and food for local business owners.

"Night" is the début fragrance to be released by L E Cook Fragrances.


L E Cook Fragrances






Live Segment on TV


L E Cook Fragrances creator sat down with Michael Mackie of KC LIVE to discuss perfuming. She answers how to choose the best fragrance for yourself and how to wear your scent. 

"...this scent is not about attraction -it's about connection."-Lynessa "Lyn E" Cook



KC Live



View the segment

Commercial shoot for "Night" Fragrance

Goddess Productions with Cook'd Media

Cook'd media and Goddess productions film L E Cook Fragrances' first fragrance commercial. Newcomers Jillian Davis and Jeremy Prescott looked stunning.


"Night" Fragrance Commercial



View the commerial here